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Church Events in September 2019

Water Baptism on 1st September 2019:

We are happy to inform you that one brother and one sister, who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their personal Lord and Saviour were baptized in water on 1st September morning here. They are bro. Amlan Rout and sis. Ritu Kumari Paul. They were inducted as members in the afternoon Odia Worship. Kindly uphold them in your prayers.

Women’s Retreat held on 3rd September, 2019

The Mahila Samiti conducted their Annual Retreat on 3rd September here in the church. Rev. Samuel Somalingam from Cuttack was the Resource person. Nearly 300 ladies attended this special retreat designed for them. We thank the members of the Mahila Samiti for organizing such a wonderful and life-transforming retreat.


Bro. Peter Prem Kumar and Sis. Sally Peter, a couple from Pondicherry who are experts in Care and Counselling and working for strengthening family relationships as per the Biblical mandate were the Resource persons for this 3-day Family Seminar, which was held in the evenings only. Every evening the program started at 6.30 pm and continued till 8.30 pm. The subjects discussed were Parenting (Day 1); Resolving conflict in family & warning signs of a failing marriage (Sept. 5) and on Sept. 6, the discussion was on Pre-Marital Counselling. Many attended this special seminar and were richly blessed. We thank the couple from Pondicherry for throwing light into various issues related to family.

Sunday School Annual Retreat held on 9th September, 2019

The Annual Sunday School Retreat was held in the church on 9th September, 2019 from 9:30 am till 4 pm. Rev. Songram Keshari Singh shared God’s Word. Around 80 children participated in this retreat and were blessed. We thank the Sunday school team for organizing such a wonderful program for our precious children. Keep praying for our children.

2nd Saturday Chain Prayer (14-09-19)

The Monthly Chain Prayer was held in the church on 14th September, 2019 from 7 am till 1 pm. We thank those brothers and sisters who came and attended this time of prayer. Please join us at least for a short time in the chain prayer which is held every 2nd Saturday of the month.

Bible Quiz organized by TWR held on 15th September, 2019

A Bible quiz was conducted by the Trans World Radio (TWR) on 15th September, 2019 here in this church. The quiz started at 2 pm and ended at 3:30 pm. This was an All-India level quiz competition. Questions were from the book of Luke.

A Special Prayer Meeting held on 20th September, 2019

The church organized a prayer meeting on Friday (20th September) evening and we thank all brothers and sisters who attended the meeting at short notice to intercede. We prayed about different issues including the spiritual life of our worshippers, the young people, the sick, for those brothers and sisters preparing to take Baptism in the next few weeks and other pressing issues.

Blossoms school children visited our church on 21st September, 2019

Around 40 students of the Blossom’s School and their teachers visited our church on Saturday on occasion of the International Day of Peace. They were shown a video on the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Pastor Rev Songram Singh spoke to them and prayed for them. Associate Pastor Rev Sandeep Giri, Evangelist Bro Pratap Sahu and Joint Secretary Dr Happy Born Nayak were present. Pray for all the children and their teachers who visited our church on that day.

Water Baptism on 29th September, 2019

5 people were baptized in water on 29th September morning here in the church. They will be inducted as members on 6th October in the afternoon Odia Service. They are Bro. Adityaraj Behera, bro. Salman Behera, bro. Sabyasachi Badajena, bro. Samuel Sukamajhi and sis. Madhusmita Barik.


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