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Church Events in June 2019

Water Baptism on 2nd June 2019

We are extremely happy to inform you that three brothers, who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted Him as their personal Lord and Saviour were baptized in water on 2nd June morning by our Pastor Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani. They are Mr. Buddhadeb Sethi, Mr. Rahul Rohan and Mr. Sobhan Bastia. We would request the congregation to uphold them in prayers.

2nd Saturday Chain Prayer (8th June 2019)

The Monthly Chain Prayer was held in the church on 8th June, 2019 from 7 am till 1 pm. We thank those brothers and sisters who came and attended this time of prayer. Please join us in the chain prayer held every 2nd Saturday of the month.

Northern India Gospel Festival (8th June 2019)

The National Conference of the National Fellowship was held @ Cuttack from 6-8 June 2019. A part of the programme was held in our church on 8th June @ 5:30 pm where God’s servant Dr. Richard Howell, former General Secretary of the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) was the speaker. This meeting was attended by the missionaries of National Fellowship and our worshippers. This program was a part of the Northern India Gospel Festival. Those worshippers who attended this meeting were benefited spiritually.

Rev. Sandeep Giri ordained in the Odia Service (9th June 2019)

Rev. Sandeep Kumar Giri was appointed in April as the Pastor for Youth and Missions. He was ordained on 9th June in the afternoon Odia Worship Service by Pastors Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani, Rev. Songram Keshari Singh. Among others present were Church Elder Rev. Stephen Behera, Deacon Rev. Bijoy Kumar Das and Speaker Dr. Richard Howell.

Undivided Puri District Retreat organized by local C.E. Union (15 June, 2019)

A retreat of the Undivided Puri District CE Union will be held in our church on June 15 from 8:30 am till 4 pm with the local CE being the host. The theme of this retreat was ‘What is our need! Religion or the Gospel?’ Our Pastors Rev. Dr. Ayub Chhinchani and Rev. Songram Keshari Singh were the resource persons. Close to 350 attended this one-day retreat. Many lives were touched and others were richly blessed by God’s Word. We thank the local CE team for conducting this retreat.

General Body Meeting held on 26th June 2019

The meeting of the General Body of the church was held on June 26, 2019 but no decision on the amendment of the constitution could be taken. The meeting was adjourned. So the present church board will continue to function till a new committee is constituted. Please keep this issue in your prayers.


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