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‘Being God Conscious in an Ungodly world’ by Mr. Sandeep Kumar (29th April, 2018)

Mr. Sandeep Kumar preached from Daniel 1:1-14. His theme was ‘Being God Conscious in an Ungodly world.’

Is it possible to be a totally fulfilled human being without violating the law of God and going away from the blueprint that God has set for your life and if so; what does that kind of a man look like!

Let us look into Daniel’s life and draw some principles that will enable you to draw the lines in the right places so that you can be a disciplined man in whom and through whom God does His work.

a). He drew his line of Resistance by the training of his appetite.
b). He drew his line of Dependence by leaning completely on God and not on his own understanding and knowledge.
c). He drew his line of Confidence by trusting Him fully even through life’s toughest test.

Be blessed by the Word.


  • Padmanabh 14-07-2018

    Greetings to you in the matchless and glorious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Padmanabh. I am from Kochi. Being born and brought up in a good Christian family where my father served in a mainline church as a pastor for nearly 30 years. I never really knew the Lord Jesus deeply. I got a good job after my graduation degree. I am married for the last 5 years. My wife is a born again Christian and she is very pious. I have this huge problem with pornography since the last several years, during my college years and it has stayed with me. One day my wife caught me and she asked me not to be involved in this as it is a sin in the sight of the Lord. Even after many attempts from her to stop this habit of mine, I could not leave it. My marriage was on the verge of breaking down as I was so much addicted to this habit of mine.

    One day, my friend from Chennai, who is also a Christian send me a youtube link to a audio message. At first, I didn’t paid any attention to it, but then that night after watching porn on my cell phone, I clicked on this audio message sent by my friend. It connected me to the website unionchurch.org.in. I was alone that night as my wife had been to her mother’s place. As I listened to that message, I began to like it a lot. It was about Daniel and the kind of disciplines that Daniel practiced in his lifetime. The preacher also said about Joseph and the type of disciplined life that he led. I was touched by it. It was as if the Lord speaking to me through this message. What a mess I had made my life because of my pornography addiction. After listening to the message, I knelt down and cried and repented of my sins before the Lord. I said, Lord forgive me and wash me with your precious blood.

    I don’t want this sinful life anymore. Please help me Lord to break this addiction of mine. This happened a month back. I immediately called my wife and she came back home and was very happy to hear this development. Our marriage was restored and we have started it afresh. Since the last month till today, I have had no craving for such obscene images or movies. I am saved by the blood of the Lamb. I have a new life and want to stay that way pleasing the Lord. I want to thank my friend and thank your church website and the youtube channel. The Lord helped me break my addiction and has restored my marriage. May the Lord use your site to win souls across the globe. May many who are addicted to pornography come to Christ through your website. I am praying for your church and your media channel. God bless you all.

    Thank you.

    • admin 15-07-2018

      Hello Padmanabh,

      We are truly happy for you as the Lord has helped you in getting rid of your addiction. We shall continue to pray for you. May the Lord help you to lead a life that will glorify Him and Him alone.


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