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‘Arise and Go Deep’ by Mr. Chinmoy Kumar Muduli (22nd July, 2018)

Mr. Chinmoy Kumar Mudili preached from two Scripture portions. 1st was John 5:5-9 and 2nd from Luke 5:4-6. His theme was ‘Arise and go Deep’.

It is based on two powerful calls given by Jesus Christ first to a man with 38 years of stagnation and hopelessness and secondly to a person who had given up due to failure.

Jesus is calling us to arise from these 5 situations as we go through life:

a) Fallen situations as given in Psalm 37:24. God never intends for us to stay in our fallen position; may it be sin, or failure or any other problem.
b) Dead situations where there is no hope.
c) Confused situations.
d) Idle situations.
e) Fearful and reluctant situations.

When we truly decide to respond to His call to arise and go deep, we have a bonus catch – Not only do we overcome our circumstances, but achieve greater things for the Lord Jesus.

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