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All Church activities remain suspended till further notification by the Government

Dear brothers and sisters,
It was March 15, 2020 when we last worshipped together as a church.  Today is the sixth Sunday that we will be coming together on-line. And with #lock down 3.0 starting from May 4, 2020, the worship will continue in this manner.
A large number of members have expressed their happiness at the opportunity the Lord has provided us to worship together inspite of the prevailing situation. This has truly expanded the walls of our church building to the ends of the earth.
We don’t yet know when it will be possible for us to congregate as a church and worship again.
Till then, let us hold each other’s hand and pray that the Lord will change the situation and protect each worshipper from the threat of disease.  It’s time for us to kneel and intercede for each other, for the nation and the situation.
But the biggest prayer point should be the Lord may use the present situation to attract the people of the world to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Rev. Ayub Chhinchani
Rev. Songram K. Singh
Rev. Sandeep K. Giri
Church Board members
Prayer Coordinators
TEAM Union Church
Mahila Sabha

Christian Endeavour Union

Let’s PRAY earnestly and with burden to the Lord that this Pandemic Corona Virus that is affecting the globe be removed completely in Jesus’ name. Millions are affected by this virus and many have lost their lives. Let us pray for all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, technicians and other paramedics working in healthcare centers who are our first line of defense against any epidemic.


  • Archbishop Juria Bardhan 01-01-2018

    I was so excited to glance through the website of Union Church, so dear to my heart which flashed so many and so much fond memories of my shepherdship of the church for over seven years. Even after many years apart, the familiar faces of congregation, dynamic leadership and homely pastoral care brings nostalgic feeling.
    It is heartening to see the overwhelming growth and dedicated contemporary young generation of church leadership taking ahead the Church into the 21st century, with passion for lost souls and spiritual growth of the Church.
    My prayers and best wishes are always with all of you my brothers and sisters.

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