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‘3 things died on the Cross’ by Mr. Jenny Christopher (Good Friday), Odia Service, 30th March, 2018

Mr. Jenny Christopher preached from 1 Corinthians 1:18-25. His theme was ‘3 things that were Crucified with Christ on the Cross.’

when Jesus died on the Cross, there are 3 things that died on the Cross. With the death of Christ, 3 other things were crucified on the Cross.

1). Sin and sinful nature died on the Cross (Rom 6:6). If you accept Christ in your life, then He will give you His nature because He has taken your sinful nature upon Himself on the Cross. All your bad thoughts, addictions and sinful habits will leave your life in Jesus’ name.

2). I have been crucified with Christ (Gal 2:20). It is the ‘I’ that has been crucified on the Cross. I don’t live for myself any longer. The Self in me has been crucified on the Cross. If you are crucified to self, then the people will see the change.

3). Gal 6:14 – The world has been crucified. I to the world and the world to me. World has 3 meanings in the Bible: Physical world like heaven, earth and everything; People of the world & worldly desires/pleasures. Christ has crucified all the worldly desires on the Cross.

Does Christ live in you today! If He is in you, then you cannot be conformed to the world; but Christ will guide you.

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