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World CE day (03-02-15)

World CE celebrated in Church

The Local C.E. Union celebrated the World CE Day on 3rd February’15 here in Church of Christ (Union Church), Bhubaneswar. They celebrated the celebrations in the morning of 3rd February with prayers and the flag hoisting ceremony which was attended by the C.E. Union people. Dr. Amiya Basistan did the honours in the morning show. After the service was over, the C.E. team comprising of men and women all were involved in the cleaning of the Church campus. The campus was cleaned beautifully by the C.E. team. One could feel the difference in the campus after the cleaning was done. Truly, it was great team effort and hard work put up by all who were present. We praise God for such wonderful dedication shown by the C.E. Union.

The evening celebrations started with a Word of Prayer by Associate Pastor, Rev. Satpathy, which was followed by welcome address by Mr. Joachim Manas Ranjan, President of Local C.E. Odia choir led by Mr. Tapas Dey was present to lead the praise and Worship. Mr. Sarbananda Sahu led the intercessory prayer after the offering collection and notice from C.E. Secretary, Mr. Ranjan Nayak. Then Dr. Amiya Basistan, who was the chief guest for the evening, gave an inspiring speech to boost the local C.E. After that, Mr. Sagar Das and Mr. Purnananda Pradhan gave short speech on occasion of World CE day. Mr. B.K. Pramanik also gave a short talk on this occasion. Then the chief speaker for the evening, Mr. Paresh Das gave a message apt for the entire C.E. union on occasion of World CE day. Rev. Ayub Chhinchani ended the service with a Word of Prayer and benediction. The evening ended with fellowship dinner among those present. Nearly 120 people were there on that blessed evening. We thank and praise God for the entire C.E. Union on organizing the World CE day.


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