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Set Free – Youth Retreat (15-08-15)

Being Set Free from Sin

Set Free – Youth Retreat was held in our Church on the 15th of August to commemorate our 69th year of Independence among the young people. We had an overwhelming response as around 300 youths registered for the meeting. 302 were in all from various Churches and also from different campuses. Even before the Registration process began, young people thronged into the Church.

Lively Praise and Worship was led by Set Free – Worship band comprising of Adarsh, Atil, Sovan, Amlan, Casey, Samir, Pratyush, Gladwin, Irin, Jeenita and Reenita. It was soulful and the audience were completely spellbound by the way they Praised and Worshiped the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The Service started @ 11 AM with opening Prayer by our Associate Pastor, Rev. B.N. Satpathy. The Welcome address was given by the Church Secretary, Mr. Paresh Das. The Resource persons were our Associate Pastors, Rev. Ayub Chhinchani, Rev. B.N. Satpathy and Mr. Siddhartha Sahu. 

Rev. Chhinchani took the morning session on “Who we are”. Then Rev. Satpathy spoke on “What we are up against!”, whereas Mr. Sahu spoke on Free/Unfree and how to receive true Freedom in Christ!. The sessions were very beneficial and well planned keeping in mind the things which the youth face today!

There was one beautiful choreography on Bharat song done by Subhashree, Julia and Precious. There were a few skits namely Sin Chair, which was appreciated by one and all. The main characters were Stephen, Subhashree, Vinod, Julia, Ruben, Suprit, Christopher, Sovan, Shantanu, Jeenita and Alex. The 2nd skit was on “The Grace of God is not a License to Sin”.  It was performed by Ruben, Shantanu, Vinod, Dibya, Suprit, Nirnaya and Santosh. The last skit was based on “Where are we heading to!” The performers were Priyanka, Subhashree, Gayatri, Shona, Neha, Daniel, Suprit, Shantanu, Christopher and Dibya. 

All the skits were truly thought-provoking and there was lot to ponder on the issues we face in this world. Then there was an Ice-breaker session based on John 8:36, which was conducted by Mr. Sandeep Kumar. The main theme was to break free from all the bondages we have in life in order to be truly free. The participants were called from the audience to perform this ice-breaker round.

Then there was a Questionnaire session where the questions came from the participants and it was answered by the Panel of experts. The people who were in the Panel included Mr. Paresh Das, Rev. Ayub Chhinchani, Rev. B.N. Satpathy, Mr. Manna Whitson, Mr. Samaresh Bisoi, Mr. Siddhartha Sahu, Ms. Aniva Chand and Ms. Monalisa Kumar. The meeting came to a close with Rev. Chhinchani offering the closing Prayer and Benediction. The show was conducted by Silu and Prity. The participants were given a sumptuous lunch and some refreshments were served after the Retreat ended. We Praise God for such a wonderful Retreat, which was possible only by His Grace and mercy.

We truly believe those who heard the Gospel that day on 15th August would have experienced change in their lives. On behalf of the Church, we thank everyone for the success of Set Free Retreat. We wish to have more such programs in the near future, which will be beneficial to our youths. Remember, they are the future of the Church and if we neglect them today, then we can lose them forever! Keep praying for all those people who attended this meeting.


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