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Prayer can do anything God can do and since our God can do everything, Prayer can do everything if we believe and release our faith in Jesus. Remember, ‘he who kneels the most stands the best.‘ D.L. Moody.

The Church has launched the 10 o’clock prayer movement and each one of you is being requested to join the prayer at 10 pm every night for five minutes no matter wherever you are. You can pray while being at your home or while travelling or anywhere. This is a move to make the entire Church pray together. We call upon the entire Church to please join this prayer. When we Pray together in one accord, God does wonders and miracles like never before. Let’s stand in Prayer and Pray the Salvation of this city and the land of India. Let’s Pray for the young people to grow in Christ and Pray for each and every members of this Church to grow in their faith everyday without compromising with the world.



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