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Prayer Requests for the ailing

Please Pray for the sick brethren…

  • Rev. Dr. Sam Kamaleson (underwent surgery for head injury; is on the road to recovery)
  • Bro. Sujit Kumar Pradhan underwent surgery for a stroke on 28 April, 2020 @ AMRI Hospital. He is out of ventilator, but still in ICU
  • Sunny, little child from another faith is diagnosed with cancer and is under treatment
  • Sis. Santasheela Mohanty fractured her hip and is under treatment
  • Bro. Asish Kumar Dukhu under treatment for cardiac issues @ CMC, Vellore
  • Bro. Birendra K. Rout of Neliabag, Balasore detected with COVID-19 and under treatment
  • Bro. Subrat Mohapatra (cancer, under treatment)
  • Bro. Philemon Pani, son of Pastor Elimon Pani of Sambalpur is detected with cancer
  • Bro. Rabi Ranjan Rout is under treatment for neuro issues
  • Sis. Prativa Das (cancer)
  • Sis. Meena James is recovering from her breathing problem
  • Sis. Ava Kumar had a brain stroke on May 6, 2019 and is recuperating at home. She is showing gradual improvement with each passing day
  • Sis. Nibedita Khora (wife of Dr. Pankaj Khora) is recovering following a stroke. She is having one side paralysis
  • Bro. Kiran Kumar Benjamin is suffering from cancer
  • A little boy having problem in his right eye solicits Prayers
  • Little child (2.5 years old) is suffering from cancer
  • Mother of Binu (sis. Rosamma) diagnosed with cancer and is under treatment
  • Sis. Snigdha Mohan is suffering from neuro problems and is under treatment @ Kolkata
  • Bro. Akash Mandal is suffering from brain cancer and is under treatment
  • Sis. Anita Suna is suffering from blood cancer
  • Chitta Ranjan Mohapatra of Sambalpur is suffering from stomach cancer
  • Bro. Rohini Sahu, sis. Swarnalata Sahu, bro. Binoy Kumar Muduli, Rev. Stephen Behera and for the elderly members of our congregation
  • Little girl Tamanna is suffering from Cerebral Palsy
  • Sis. Puspita Gan is suffering from neurological problems (neuron motor). Her condition has not improved much.


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