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Passing the Torch – Youth Retreat (18-10-14)

It’s our time. Let’s Stand Out for JESUS


It’s a call to action, saying that we as Christians have God in us and around us and we don’t need to wait until we’re old enough to make a difference in someone’s life. Since Pentecost, we are not waiting upon God; but He is waiting upon us to make the first move in faith. The future is now, for us to go to our friends, neighbors and the world to tell them how amazing our God is. We encourage you and your youth group to be a part of a generation that is Ready to Go, and a generation that knows no limits as to what God can accomplish through them not only in this city of Bhubaneswar or our state; but across the nation and around the World. Can you say like Isaiah! “Here am I. Send me Lord.” Remember, your greatest ability is your availability to GOD. Never forget, this is the Clarion call of God for each one of you to stand out for JESUS in this Generation

The heart of Passing the Torch is to envision young people of all denominations to capture first a Vision of JESUS, and then to Equip, Train, Empower and Release them into His Ministry in their everyday lives. We pray that the youth of our state will be Motivated and Challenged to live on Fire for Jesus Christ. The youth aged 15-35 are our neglected majority. But, they have a major role to play in the Great Commission. It is our responsibility to train them, guide them and allow them to evangelize using their own creative means. Our Vision is “Mentoring the Next Generation for Christ.”

The meeting started with a Word of Prayer by Rev. Chhinchani. There was lively worship by a young, energetic choir group. Atil and his team created a wonderful atmosphere among the audience. Rev. Susanta Patra shared the Word of God on evangelism and the need of it in today’s world and how the youth can be the major driving force in taking forward the work of the Gospel to the unreached. The meeting ended with vote of thanks from Bro. J. Manna Whitson and Rev. B.N. Satpathy offering the closing prayers. The show was anchored by Sis Monalisa Kumar. It was a wonderful day of praise and worship and fellowshiping.


The icing on the cake was when little kids from DAV Public school stopped by to visit the Church. They were sung special kids songs by the choir and were given some candies as they left the Church premises. Rev. Patra prayed for them and their teachers before they left the Church. Let us uphold all the young people who came today that they may witness for the Lord Jesus no matter what! This Gospel needs to be preached. Let us share the good news with those who are in the dark. Let us pass the baton to the next generation, guiding them and motivating them in the path of truth.


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