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Episode 3: Battling Negativity | WEB SERIES | Episode 3| Is Suicide an easy way out? | Rev. Songram K. Singh

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Feelings of Depression, Isolation and feeling deprived of the joys of life has haunted many during this Pandemic across the globe. Many have taken their lives out of sheer frustration. But, is it the easy way out??? NEVER. In this episode Rev. Songram K. Singh is sharing on this important topic on the value of life and how you can live it in abundance when you know your Creator. Stay tuned. We hope God will surely speak to broken hearts and fill them with peace that comes from GOD.


|| Special Thanks ||


Church Board (COCUC)
Pastoral Team (COCUC)
Rev. Songram K. Singh (Keynote Speaker)
Monalisa Kumar (Anchorperson)


|| Post Production Team ||


B. Arpan – Production Designer/Editor
Sovan Gourav Rout – Editor
Jeet Ranjan – Cinematographer
Vinod Mohanty – Designs
Suprit Mohapatra – Poster Design


|| Screenplay/Direction ||


Sandeep Kumar


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Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better. (Unknown)


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