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‘Children for Christ’ Special Program (02-01-16)

Special Children’s Program

On 2nd January 2016, the Children for Christ organization conducted a special workshop for our children in Church. This Program was conducted by a team from Children for Christ. They work among children teaching them unique ways of knowing Christ and sharing the Gospel to the unreached. This Program was held in the afternoon from 3 to 5 pm. Nearly 70-80 children were present. At the end of the Program, the children were presented with little gifts. Light refreshments were given to the children and the organizers from the Church. The Resource persons from Children to Christ ministry conducted the following items.

a). Songs were taught to have a lively Worship.

b). A story known as “Barney’s barrel” was presented to the children.

c). A game was played known as British bulldog all over. The children were asked to perform various adventurous activities. The main motive was to get everyone involved. 

d). Another story “The King’s Garden” was told to the students and they were
 asked interesting questions on the topic taught. 

e). Art and craft work was also illustrated to the children. The main focus of this workshop was to equip the children on ways of knowing the Scripture and living for the Glory of God. 

We Praise God for the parents who send their children to this creative Seminar. We also thank those who came to conduct this Seminar. May the good Lord continue to Bless our children and help them grow in His Holy Word.


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