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Baptisms in 2016

The Baptisms take place in the first Sunday of the month in Church of Christ (Union Church). We have no Baptisms at C.S. Pur, Kalinga Vihar and in our Sundarpada Worship centers. It takes place at Church of Christ (Union Church), Bhubaneswar. Those chosen by the Baptismal Committee are Baptized by our Associate Pastors and are accepted as Full Baptized Members of the Church in the afternoon Odia Worship. They are given a membership certificate and a Bible Based Doctrine book by Alban Douglas for their Spiritual nourishment. Let us uphold all these people who have accepted Christ Jesus publicly as their personal Lord and Savior.

Baptized on 4th December, 2016:

1) Mr. Satyajit Digal

2) Mr. Chiranjivi Naik

3) Mr. Asit Kumar Naik

4) Mr. David Surya

5) Mr. Christopher Surya

6) Mr. Sourav Suman

7) Ms. Priyanka Digal

8) Ms. Sulanka Digal

L-R: Ms. Priyanka Digal, Ms. Sulanka Digal, Mr. Chiranjivi Naik, Mr. Sourav Suman, Mr. Christopher Surya, Mr. David Surya, Mr. Asit Kumar Naik & Mr. Satyajit Digal

Baptized on 6th November, 2016:

1) Mr. Shantanu Kumar Mohanty

2) Mr. Vinod Kumar Mohanty

3) Mr. Amiya Kumar Nayak

4) Mr. Soumyajeet Rout

5) Ms. Subhashree Nayak

L-R: Mr. Shantanu Kumar Mohanty, Mr. Vinod Kumar Mohanty, Mr. Amiya Nayak, Mr. Soumyajeet Rout & Ms. Subhashree Nayak.

Baptized on 2nd October, 2016:

1) Mr. Suprit Mohapatra

Mr. Suprit Mohapatra baptized on 2nd October, 2016

Baptized on 7th August, 2016:

1) Ms. Christina Samal

2) Ms. Diptimayee Barik

3) Ms. Jayanti Pradhan

4) Ms. Bishmita Madhi

L-R: Ms. Diptimayee Barik, Ms. Jayanti Pradhan, Ms. Christina Samal & Ms. Bishmita Madhi

Baptized on 5th June, 2016:

1) Ms. Leah Jana

Ms. Leah Jana baptized on 5th June, 2016

Baptized on 1st May, 2016:

1) Ms. Madhuri Kabita Soreng

2) Mr. Paulin Prasanjeet Mathews Kanhar

3) Mr. Neelanchal Sahu

4) Mr. Amit Kumar Singh

L-R: Ms. Madhuri Soreng, Mr. Paulin Kanhar, Mr. Neelanchal Sahu & Mr. Amit Kumar Singh

Baptized on 3rd April, 2016:

1) Ms. N. Evangeline

2) Mr. Gaurab Sahu 

Ms. N. Evangeline & Mr. Gaurab Sahu accepted as Members.

Baptized on 6th March, 2016:

1) Ms. Subhashree Das

2) Mr. Soumya Ranjan Das

Ms. Subhashree Das & Mr. Soumya Ranjan Das accepted as Members

Baptized on 7th February, 2016:

1) Ms. Jemima Nayak

2) Mr. Rajendra Kumar Samal

3) Mr. Suraj Kumar Samal

L-R: Ms. Jemima Nayak, Mr. Rajendra Kumar Samal & Mr. Suraj Kumar Samal

Baptized on 3rd January, 2016:

1) Ms. Princy Chand

2) Ms. Sushovita Pradhan

3) Ms. Gabriella Nayak

L-R: Ms. Gabriella Nayak, Ms. Sushovita Pradhan & Ms. Princy Chand



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