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Baptisms in 2015

The Baptisms take place in the first Sunday of the month in Church of Christ (Union Church). We have no Baptisms at C.S. Pur, Kalinga Vihar and in our Sundarpada Worship centers. It takes place at Church of Christ (Union Church), Bhubaneswar. Those chosen by the Baptismal Committee are Baptized by our Associate Pastors and are accepted as Full Baptized Members of the Church in the afternoon Odia Worship. They are given a membership certificate and a Bible Based Doctrine book by Alban Douglas for their Spiritual nourishment. Let us uphold all these people who have accepted Christ Jesus publicly as their personal Lord and Savior.

Baptized on 6th December, 2015:

1) Ms. N. Shiny

2) Ms. Jeenita Pradhan

3) Ms. Pranati Maharana

4) Ms. Moti Lenka

5) Mr. Sovan Pradhan

6) Mr. Emmanuel Swain

L-R: Ms. N. Shiny, Ms. Jeenita Pradhan, Ms. Pranati Maharana, Ms. Moti Lenka, Mr. Sovan Pradhan & Mr. Emmanuel Swain

Baptized on 4th October, 2015:

1) Ms. Evelyn Deep

2) Ms. Arpita Mohanty

L-R: Ms. Evelyn Deep and Ms. Arpita Mohanty accepted as Members

Baptized on 6th September, 2015:

1) Mr. Bibhudutta Digal

2) Mr. Biswajit Patra

3) Mr. Sambeet Kumar Naik

4) Mr. Anurag Sunadhar

5) Ms. Ankita Sunadhar

L-R: Mr. Bibhudutta Digal, Mr. Satyajit Patra, Mr. Sambeet Kumar Naik, Mr. Anurag Sundadhar & Ms. Ankita Sunadhar

Baptized on 3rd May, 2015:

1) Mr. Satyajit Patra

Mr. Satyajit Patra on the extreme right accepted as full Member on 3rd May, 2015 afternoon

Baptized on 12th April, 2015:

1) Ms. Sagarika Sahu

2) Ms. Rama Sahu

3) Ms. Gayatri Behera

4) Ms. S. Jayanthi

5) Mr. Makara Sahu

6) Mr. Dibya Kumar Behera

7) Mr. Ashish Rahul

8) Mr. Surajeet Roul

In all, 8 people were accepted as Members in the month of April 2015. Rev. Dr. Nithaniel Supakar Praying for them

Baptized on 4th January, 2015:

1) Ms. Trisha Angela Das

2) Ms. Shalini Patnaik

3) Ms. Lipsa Moharana

4) Ms. Amrita Samuel

5) Ms. Ankita Samuel

6) Mr. Sankalp Samuel Das

7) Mr. Sphandan Moharana

8) Mr. Sarthak Mohapatra 

2015 started with 8 people being accepted as Members Here we have Rev. Dr. Nithaniel Supakar (Ordained Elder) praying for them



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