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New Year Service 2016

Welcome 2016

Happy New Year (1st January)


This time, the New Year’s Speakers were our Associate Pastors; Rev. Bichitrananda Satpathy and Rev. Ayub Chhinchani. In the morning English Service, Rev. B.N. Satpathy shared God’s Word from the book of Joshua 3:1-17. His theme was “Setting goals and living by it”. Rev. Chhinchani preached in the afternoon Service from the book of Philippians 4:1-9. His theme was “How to be Joyful throughout the Year!” In the morning Service, our English Choir presented a few special numbers and in the afternoon Service, the Odia Choir presented special songs too. We had a wonderful crowd in both the Services. After the Services were over, there was lovely fellowship with one another.

Let us live this year as a gift from God. Let us live 2016 only to Glorify God Almighty with our lives. We never know when our time will come, but as long as we are on the face of this earth, let us live with only one ,mandate to Please Him always; because on that day, we need to answer one question only – “What have you done for JESUS!” That’s all that matters; nothing else. This New Year, let us throw aside everything that hinders our walk with the Lord and live for Him only. We wish everyone a Christ-centered New Year 2016.

 Midnight Service (31st December, 2015)

The Watch-night Service was held on New Year’s eve, 31st December 2015. The Service sta
rted at 10:30 pm at night and entered well into midnight. Last Year’s Speaker was Mr. Sandeep Kumar, who is a member of the Church Board. He spoke from the book of James 4:13-17. His theme was “Avoiding Future Mistakes”.


Rev. Ayub Chhinchani conducted the Service. English Choir presented some special numbers on 31st night. After the message was over, Rev. Chhinchani led everyone into Prayer. People Prayed for various Prayer points 2/2. This was the most Blessed time of the Service and it went on after midnight and after this, there was Kirtan by the Local C.E. Union. Then Rev. Chhinchani ended the Service with Prayer and Benediction. The Worshippers had fellowship with one another over coffee. We wish everyone a Christ-centered New Year 2016.



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