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Expository Preaching Seminar – I (12-02-16)

Expository Preaching Seminar – I (12th February, 2016)

The programme started around 9:30 am with Worship by English Choir. The Seminar started around 10 am with an opening Prayer by Church Elder Mr. Stephen Behera. Then Rev. B.N. Satpathy gave a welcome address to all present and explained about the Seminar in brief. 

1st session: Duration 10.15 a.m to 11.30 a.m:

Topics discussed were introduction to Homiletics, its basis, scope and types. Then Rev. B.N Satpathy shared the definition of Expository preaching, the need of Expository preaching in today’s context and its relevance, purpose, benefits and also mentioned that there are three types of Expository preaching.

2nd session: Duration 11.45 a.m to 1.15 p.m:

Thoroughly discussed about the several old & new preaching types as — Some old fashioned forms;

1.The Running – Commentary Method of Expository Preaching

2.The Bible-Reading Method of Expository Preaching

3. The Purely Expositional Method of Expository Preaching. 

And new fashioned forms as;

1. Pure Expository Sermon

2. Topical Expository Sermon

3. The textual Expository Sermon.

After that the meaning and advantages of pure expository sermon was discussed by him. It was quite an interesting session. Then it was time for fellowship lunch. (Lunch Break: 1.15 p.m  to 2.15 p.m)

Post Lunch session started at 2.15 p.m with a prayer by Deacon Mr. Purnananda Pradhan (B)

3rd session: 2.15 p.m to 3.45 p.m:

In this last session Rev. B.N Satpathy shared details of topical, textual types of Expository sermon preaching method with insights into how to write a good Expository Sermon!

At the end of the programme; Mr. Amosh Pradhan gave a Vote of thanks to Rev. B.N Satpathy and then Church secretary Mr. Paresh Das closed the session with a word of Prayer and gave thanks to all the participants who were there; Rev. B.N Satpathy gave the Benediction and thus the Seminar came to a close.

In this programme around 60 people participated. We Praise God for this one-day Seminar. God willing, we can have the Practical part of this Seminar in the near future. We thank Rev. Satpathy and the Church Board for organizing this Seminar successfully.



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