Morning Prayer meets everyday @ 7 am (except Sundays)

The Morning Prayer team meets here every morning @ 7 am for their time of prayer and fellowship. It is from 7-8 am every day except Sundays. Please join and be blessed.


  1. […] ‘Thanda Pani‘ outlet has been opened outside the Church gate this morning. Both our Associate Pastors prayed for this noble cause before it was opened to the public. This kiosk will run through the summer season. The members of the C.E. Union will run it with the help of the Church. On the 1st two days, we had a great response from the passersby. May God be glorified through this. New Testaments are also given to the people who come to have a sip of the cold water. May they know the True Savior! […]

  2. Avatar Sravya says:

    Hello, may I know the church service timings on Sunday ? Thank you

    1. Avatar admin says:

      It is 10 am English Service and 4 pm Odia Service

    2. Avatar Devadason says:

      Is there an English worship anywhere in the city?

      1. Avatar admin says:

        We have it in our Church on Sunday @ 10 am; but not sure if in other places if Service in English is being held!

  3. Avatar Monasina says:

    May i knw the church service timing on friday ??

    1. Avatar admin says:

      Good Friday (English): 10 am

      Good Friday (Odia): 4 pm

  4. Avatar Prqbu says:

    In what language Sunday school will b taught for children… English or odiya

    1. Avatar admin says:

      In both the languages it is taught.

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