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Church Events in December 2019

The highlight for the month of December 2019 was the Special Service for visitors and guests that was held on 25th December afternoon and even

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‘Count your days’ by Rev. Rajendra Prasad Pani (29th December, 2019)

Rev. R.P. Pani preached on the theme 'Learn to count your days' from Psalm 90:1-12. The main focus was on verse 12. As a year is about to pass,

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‘Look back and look forward’ by Mr. G.S.P. Dhas (29th December, 2019)

Mr. G.S.P. Dhas preached on the theme 'Look back and look forward' from Deuteronomy 8:10-18. As we look back on the year gone by, let us thank

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‘God loves you’ by Mr. Amos Chandra Pradhan (Christmas Special Service), 25-12-19

Mr. Amos Chandra Pradhan shared the Love of God on this Special program meant for the visitors and guests on Christmas evening. Take a listen.

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‘Man’s fallen nature’ by Rev. Sandeep Kumar Giri (Christmas Special Service), 25-12-19

Rev. Sandeep Giri preached on the Special Christmas Service on Man's Fallen nature and why Jesus came to earth more than 2000 years back. Take

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Receive JESUS by Mr. Tapas Dey (Christmas Special Service), 25-12-19

Mr. Tapas Dey preached on this Special Christmas Service on receiving Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. Take a listen. Be blessed.

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‘God’s relentless love for mankind’ by Er. Sandeep Kumar (Christmas Special Service), 25-12-19

Er. Sandeep Kumar preached on this Special Christmas Service on God's relentless love for mankind. His emphasis was on John 3:16. Why did God send

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‘Life after death!’ by Mr. Paresh Das (Christmas Special Service), 25-12-19

Mr. Paresh Das preached to this special crowd on Christmas evening on life after death. What you want to do with your life? Take a listen. Be bles

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‘Purpose of Christmas’ by Mr. Chinmoy Kumar Muduli (Christmas Special Service), 25-12-19

Mr. Chinmoy Kumar Muduli preached on the purpose of Christmas in the Special Service designed for visitors and guests on Christmas evening. Tak

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‘Why Celebrate Christmas?’ by Rev. Songram Keshari Singh (Christmas Special Service), 25-12-19

Rev. Songram Keshari Singh preached on why we celebrate Christmas and how can we give our heart to the Lord? Take a listen. Be blessed. &nbs

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